Matthew 12:22-37 The true Jesus shines in his authority (as the crowds begin to perceive) and elicits a hostile response from those who are determined to oppose him (Pharisees). Let’s…

Responses to Jesus

March 13, 2022
Matthew 11:20-30 Chapters 11–12 provide examples of people who respond in different ways to Jesus the Messiah (positive, negative, and somewhat confused [John the Baptist]).[1] Not only that, but chs.…

Christian Confidence

March 6, 2022
Hebrews 10:19-25 There are different kinds of confidence – confidence in the world, self-confidence, and Christian confidence. In this passage we look at Christian confidence and why it is different.

Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

January 2, 2022
Matthew 16:13-20 In this passage, we see a confession of the identity of our Lord Jesus Christ. We learn that who the church says that Jesus is, has eternal significance.
Isaiah 62:1-12 Today I highlight the distinction between expectation and fulfillment, between anticipation and accomplishment. Again, this is the last Sunday before Christmas, and so I want to focus this…