Romans 1:18-23

August 20, 2023
Romans 1:18-23 Some who claim to believe in God don’t believe in his holiness. God is a God of grace, love, and holiness wrath and justice. Do you take God’s…

Salvation Is of the Lord

July 23, 2023
Micah 7:18-20 Who is God? What does God do? Why does God do what he does? In this sermon from Micah, we find out the answers to these questions.

The Prodigal Son

May 14, 2023
Luke 15:11-32 As we look at this parable, consider which character you align with. Do you align with the prodigal son or with the older brother? Or are you trying…
Romans 11:1-12 The church at Rome has become a majority-Gentile congregation, and they might be tempted by the anti-Jewish sentiment that exists among Romans to think that God has changed…

Jonah, Part 4

July 3, 2022
Jonah 3:1-10 In this passage we see the mercy of God toward a pagan, idol-worshipping nation and the mercy of God toward Jonah. We learn that we need to show…

Jonah, Part 3

June 26, 2022
Jonah 1:17-2:10 In this passage we see the Lord’s mercy in distress, in hope and in victory.