Luke 2:40-52

December 17, 2023
Luke 2:40-52 In this passage from Jesus’s childhood, we learn about aspects of his identity.

Luke 2:21

December 10, 2023
Luke 2:21 In this passage we see Jesus’s first act of active obedience as a man under God’s law. We need a savior because we are law breakers. Jesus, the…

Two Debtors

September 17, 2023
Luke 7:36-50 In this passage, Jesus has an appointment with a woman who needs to show her love and a man who needs to see his sin.

The Transfiguration

May 21, 2023
Luke 9:28-36 We’ve been given the privilege of listening in on a conversation about God and his Son. This passage is usually called the Transfiguration, and it challenge us to…

The Prodigal Son

May 14, 2023
Luke 15:11-32 As we look at this parable, consider which character you align with. Do you align with the prodigal son or with the older brother? Or are you trying…