Daniel 4:28-37

January 7, 2024
Daniel 4:28-37 In this sermon we see the sovereignty and righteousness of God. We also see how God humbles the proud but give grace to the humble.

Luke 2:21

December 10, 2023
Luke 2:21 In this passage we see Jesus’s first act of active obedience as a man under God’s law. We need a savior because we are law breakers. Jesus, the…

The Coming King

April 2, 2023
Zechariah 9:1-17 In this sermon, we see the contrast between the kings of the nations and the Great King, Jesus, the contrast between the man-made religions of the nations and…

What We Must Surrender

September 11, 2022
Romans 9:30-10:4 What we must do as we come to this text is look at ourselves and see if there is anything we are refusing to surrender that would keep…